Books By J.N. Pratley

Leto’s Journey  (Vantage Press)  icon-new-window
A tale of Theodora, a single, lonely-hearted psychologist who invites five other professionals to join her on a summer cruise of the Greek isles. She finds a surprising resolution to her emotional desires.

The Green Helix (Create Space, Amazon)  icon-new-window
A Lothario in a lab coat thinks he has discovered a nonhereditary DNA in his electron microscope that defies our notions of free will and determinism. Travels to the Greek islands transform his obsession with the DNA into revelation about the nature of love, beauty, truth, and Platonic ideals.

A Mainia of Love (Xlibris, Amazon)  icon-new-window
A Classic professor on leave to write a biography of a famous ancient Greek poet falls in love with a French waitress, testing old and new ideas about the repercussions of adultery.

Short Stories

“Arboretum Again”Jet Fuel Review, Fall 2013

“Mayarista”Amarillo Bay, May 2014

“Figs”Green Briar Review, Fall 2016

“Tools Olives” – Glint, Fall 2017